The BEST Performance Carb Rebuild Kit for Honda Shadow

Rebuilding your Honda Shadow’s carbs can be a daunting task—and even more so when you don't have the proper parts. Today on the blog, we’ll talk about what you need to rebuild your carbs the RIGHT way.


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Trying to rebuild your Honda Shadow’s carbs – and want to make sure you don’t screw it up?


Or perhaps you just secured a “vintage” Honda Shadow with only 200 miles on it but it’s been sitting in a barn for 15 years now with its carbs are chock full of ancient fossil fuels. She’s yours now—but she needs a serious tune up. Why mess around with corroded parts and old rubber seals when you can easily replace them and eliminate these parts altogether?


The BEST option on the market

The TJ Brutal Customs Complete Performance Carb Rebuilt Kit (available in single and dual carb) is just what the doctor ordered. This kit fits your Honda Shadow VT600 or Honda Shadow VT750 and is exactly what you need if you plan to rebuild your carbs and only want to do it ONCE. With this kit you can rebuild your own Honda Shadow carbs to BETTER than new condition!



TJ Brutal Customs Complete Performance Carb Rebuild Kit 


Kit contains:

  • Float seats with filter (dual carb only)
  • Float Needles
  • ACV Gaskets (dual carb only)
  • Stainless Bolt Replacement Kit
  • D Bit (single carb only)
  • A/F Long Handle Mix Screw (Single - 1 mix screw) (Dual - 2 mix screws)
  • Slide Diaphragms
  • Vacuum Plugs
  • Performance Jet Kit which includes:
  • Main Jets (Single - 142, 145, 148, 150) (Dual - 142, 145)
  • Pilot Jets (Single - 48, 50) (Dual - 42, 45)
  • Needle Shims (Single - 2) (Dual - 4) - 2 per needle
  • Includes a simple tuning sheet, complete with carburetor diagram for throttle stage reference!


How it works:

You will need to remove the two plastic retainer rings on your stock slide in order to install the new diaphragms. A small set of dikes is all that's needed to clip them off. Install the diaphragm gently from the top of the slide. Be careful, though, because they can tear easily if you muscle them too hard or install them from the bottom. This diaphragm will hold itself in place in the channel at the top of your slide. When re-installing your slides, make sure the vent hole at the bottom of the slide is facing the cylinder head side of the carb.


Be very careful when installing these diaphragms—they are fragile and soft and can tear very easily.


Once the old diaphragm is removed, install the new diaphragm from the top of the slide. Don't attempt to shove the thing up from the bottom of the slide. This will guarantee you tear the slide! Use your fingernail to gently push the inner rib into the channel at the top of the slide. (Again, the key word here is GENTLE!)


Side note: If you purchase any of the TJ Brutal Customs Velocity Stacks or Exhaust styles for your Honda Shadow, you’ll definitely need to retune. Enlist the help of TJ Brutal Customs’ Complete Performance Carb Rebuild Kit and you can address any issues without having to go back into the carb all over again. (You’re welcome!)


Get your Honda Shadow Complete Performance Carb Rebuild Kit NOW!


For more details on the Honda Shadow Carb Performance Rebuild Kit and how to use it, watch this video:



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