My goal is not necessarily to do business with those who need the parts I have but with those who believe in what I believe. In everything I do, I believe in challenging the status quo; I think differently, and I believe in changing the way things are. I consistently question the way things are and lack the restraint to accept them as such, yet possess the determination and perseverance to create the change I dream of.  I just happen to make motorcycle parts. There was no market for the VT600. I wanted to change that. I dreamed that I could make a change in an industry that was rife with stagnation. I believe in being loud, and embracing freedom. The way I embrace this and change my world is by making parts that are easy to use, well thought out, and of the highest quality. It would bear many business owners a great service to remember what Henry Ford once said, "A business that only makes money is a poor business"

I started working on my VT600 shadow in 2005, about 3 months after I bought it, mainly because I felt it sounded weak and looked even weaker. I ended up building my bike on the weekends and replacing most stock components with hand fabbed parts, and quickly came to realize, no one out there made decent parts for these bikes. So I went ahead and started building parts for friends on forums and before long, the demand for parts increased. I saw the need for quality parts for these bikes and I have dedicated myself to this enterprise daily to bring the best possible parts to my fellow riders. I have based everything I do on Trust, Honor, and Dedication. I believe in treating my customers like friends, with respect and a lighthearted attitude.  

14 years ago, there was no website you could go to with hundreds of model specific parts, an FAQ section, and technical info for the Honda Shadows, as well as a YouTube channel and an INSTAGRAM page - @TJBRUTALCUSTOMS BE SURE TO FOLLOW US AND SUBSCRIBE!

I've worked tirelessly to create something that will hopefully come to be known as the authoritative answer for the worlds Honda Shadow needs. 

As my team has grown over the last 16 years, I no longer have to say "I". I can say that WE, have created something truly unique. 

We now sell over 150 custom quality parts at affordable prices for the Honda Shadow Line and several other makes and models. we are ever expanding our parts line so keep an eye out for new stuff! 

Ride Fast, Take Chances and DO FUN SHIT!!! 

Also, aliens exist, every g*n law is an infringement, you are the imagination of yourself, take mushrooms, love everyone and tell the truth.