Honda Shadow Velocity Stacks

Ready to update your Honda Shadow air intake and fuel systems? Get all the parts you need at TJ Brutal Customs. We fabricate premium-quality components and kits, from Honda Shadow velocity stacks to slide covers, carb kits and more, ensuring your engine gets clean fuel and air so you can keep cruising. Our air intake and fuel system products include:

  • Block-off plates. We sell pairs of block-off plates which are necessary if you’re removing the Air Injection System (AIS) from your Honda Shadow. They’re made to work with our velocity stacks and our Performance Tuning Kit or Complete Carb Performance Tuning Kit.
  • Carb kits, parts and accessories. We stock a wide range of carb parts to get your stock bike back in working order. Our specially made carb kits contain all the parts you need to rebuild your carbs to better-than-new condition. If you have a stock intake/exhaust setup and want to tune up your carbs, our kits make it an easy update!
  • Choke knobs. Our shorty choke knobs let you replace an obtrusive stock choke knob with a low-profile option. Stock choke knobs never seem to look right once you start chopping a bike, so add one of ours to your build—they look best when paired with our velocity stack intakes.
  • Fittings. We carry a variety of fittings for air intake and fuel systems, including our Inline Fuel Filter Multi Fitting, AFP Vacuum Port Plugs, Carb Bolt Kits and much more.
  • Honda Shadow velocity stacks. Add one of our velocity stacks to your Honda Shadow and instantly improve performance. Velocity stacks provide a much more efficient delivery of emulsified fuel and air mixture to your engine, helping you achieve peak performance as you ride. We also carry top-quality velocity stack replacement screens.
  • Intake boots. Intake boots are one of the most common parts of a bike to wear out. If yours are looking the worse for wear, pick up a pair from us, or an intake boot kit, featuring components that never wear or rust! Install our intake boots and never worry about diagnostic and tuning nightmares again.
  • Performance tuning kits. Own a carbureted Honda and want to re-jet after you make a change to your exhaust or intake? Use our kit with our velocity stacks and/or open exhaust to boost your bike’s performance.
  • Petcocks. Featuring all solid brass components, our petcock fuel plumbing kits can be used on many tanks with the right adapters but is specially made to fit Honda Shadows perfectly.
  • Slide covers. Want to turn your stock slide cover into something worth showing off? It’s easy with unique slide covers designed and fabricated by TJ Brutal Customs! Our finned slide covers are the perfect way to add a unique touch to your bike and fit VT600 models and any single-carb VT750 model.

Need help finding the right components for your Honda Shadow air intake or fuel system? Reach out to us at TJ Brutal Customs today—we’ll help you find what you’re looking for.