Outlaw Shifter Kit - Honda Shadow VT600 All Years

$ 399.99

Jockey Shifter and Suicide Clutch Kit - VT600 - All Years

$ 259.99$ 329.99

Z-Bar Handlebars - 1"

$ 79.99$ 119.99

THE BLACK BOX - Complete Controls Kit - Grips, Pegs, Shifter, Brake Peg, Throttle Assembly & Carb Shield

$ 298.99$ 439.99

THE BRASS BOX - Complete Controls Kit - Grips, Pegs, Shifter, Throttle Assembly & Carb Shield

$ 369.99$ 499.99

THE SILVER BOX - Complete Controls Kit - Grips, Pegs, Shifter, Throttle Assembly & Carb Sheild

$ 219.99$ 349.99

Tall Finned Risers - For 1" Handlebars (4" and 6" rise)

$ 169.99

Short Finned Risers - For 1" Handlebars

$ 119.99

Finned Risers For 1" Handlebars - Fits VTX1300 All Years

$ 99.99$ 119.99

Looking for custom handlebars for your Honda Shadow? Look no further—TJ Brutal Customs is your one-stop-shop for custom handlebars and controls that give your bobber or chopper build a unique look.


We’re the leading fabricator of custom motorcycle handlebars that are perfect for your bobber build. Whether you’re looking for handlebars for your motorcycle to give it a cleaner look or you want something traditional like T-bars, we’ve got you covered! Our handlebars are made to order—we make them just for you! Our selection includes:

  • Bend-a-Licious Shadow Apes: Our specially-designed Bend-a-Licious Bars, handmade by the legendary Zombie Performance shop in Oregon, are suited to cruising, commuting and singletrack. Featuring plenty of room for grips, shifters and brake levers, the width of the bar also allows for greater control over your bike. Available in raw steel or semi-gloss black powder coat.
  • Broomstick Drag: We make Broomstick Drag handlebars for every Honda Shadow model and many other motorcycles with 1” controls and risers. They’re made of 4130 Chromoly for the ultimate in durability and rust resistance. Cut the bar shorter for a streamlined look—it’s all up to you!
  • Traditional T-Bars: Give your bobber a classic look with our Traditional T-bar handlebars for the Honda Shadow, made in partnership with Zombie Performance. Available in raw steel or powder coated semi-gloss black, they’re easy to install and made to last a lifetime.
  • Z-bars: Our 1” Z-bars are simple and clean—perfect for your Honda chop. These handlebars are made to fit most metric riser spacing. When it comes to high-quality, handmade bobber handlebars, there’s truly no better choice.


We fabricate foot pegs and controls for your custom chopper or bobber. Our selection of control products include:

  • Grips: Update your motorcycle grips with our handmade motorcycle handlebars grips or one of our grip kits that contain everything you need to eliminate unnecessary throttle push cables. They’re the perfect choice to deck out your bobber or chopper build!
  • Risers: Give your handlebars a low-profile mounting point with our custom made risers—they’re perfect for adding a tastefully stylish touch to your front end.
  • Shifter and clutch kit: Our bolt-on Jockey Shifter and Suicide Clutch Kit fits the Honda Shadow VT600 and VLX600—it’s the first product of its kind to be produced for the Honda Shadow line! This amazing upgrade to your bike is easy to install and requires no fabrication on your end.

Want an all-in-one solution for custom controls? Our Black Box or Brass Box complete controls kit has everything you need for your controls, including grips, pegs, shifter, break peg, throttle assembly and carb shield. Pick up all the gear you need in one custom-made package—it couldn’t be easier!

We proudly handmake all our products, including our custom motorcycle handlebars, in the U.S.A. from only the best-quality materials. We stand by our products with an available lifetime guarantee, so you can always count on your investment being built to last. Need help finding the right parts for your build? Contact us today and we’ll help you find what you’re looking for!