Complete Stock Carb Rebuild Kit - Honda Shadow VT600 & VT750 - Dual Carb

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Rebuilding the carburetors for your Honda Shadow can be a daunting task and even more so when you don't have the proper parts. This...

Rebuilding the carburetors for your Honda Shadow can be a daunting task and even more so when you don't have the proper parts. This kit has what you need to get that stock bike back in working order! That great barn find that has 200 miles on it has been sitting with carbs full of ancient fossil fuels for 15 years and now she's yours and she needs some love! Why mess around with trying to use corroded parts and old rubber seals when you can easily replace them and eliminate these parts as a source of tuning headaches?!?! With this kit you can rebuild your own carbs to better than new condition!  

This kit is intended for those riders who have a stock intake/exhaust setup and just want to get their carbs tuned up!

*Will not fit - 1983 VT750 or 84 -87 VT700 

Kit contains -

  • Float Needles
  • Float Seats With Filter 
  • Float Bowl Gasket
  • ACV Gaskets 
  • Stainless Bolt Replacement Kit
  • Complete Slide Assemblies with New Needles
  • Vacuum Plugs
  • Stock Replacement Jets:
    • Pilot Jet - (2 of each) - 40
    • Main Jets (2 of each) - 115, 118, 120
  • 4 Needle Shims 
  • Click here for our online tuning sheet, complete with carburetor diagram for throttle stage reference!

We have included the stock size main jet as well as a few sizes up, as the bikes are tuned very lean from the factory. Should you choose to use the larger jet size you will notice a bit more power in the higher end of the the throttle. You can use the same size mains in each carb. 

The VT750 models had several different stock jet sizes over the years, but this kit will cover most variations

Our new kits have been upgraded with complete slide assemblies so you wont need to follow the below instructions unless you have one of our older versions of this kit. 

You will need to remove the two plastic retainer rings on your stock slide in order to install the new diaphragms. A small set of dikes is all that's needed to clip them off. Install the diaphragm gently from the top of the slide. Be careful they can tear easily if you muscle them too hard or install them from the bottom. This diaphragm will hold itself in place in the channel at the top of your slide. When re-installing your slides, make sure the vent hole at the bottom of the slide is facing the cylinder head side of the carb. 

Be very careful when installing the diaphragms, they are fragile and soft and can tear very easily.
Once the old diaphragm is removed, install the new diaphragm from the top of the slide don't attempt to shove the thing up from the bottom of the slide. this will guarantee you tear the slide! Use your fingernail to gently push the inner rib into the channel at the top of the slide. Again the key word here is GENTLE!

This kit will not work with our exhaust and velocity stacks.

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Customer Reviews

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Alex Dvorak
Rebuild kit and carb boots

Recently bought a bike (2001 Honda shadow 750) that just needed some carb work. Bought the performance rebuild kit with boots and it works amazing. Great product simple to install great quality makes tuning the bike quick and easy! Will be ordering the velocity stacks soon!

melissa Carpenter

Worked awesome

I had great results

I have a 2006 shadow spirit 750DC. I don't know why folks can't tell what combo worked for them. Here's my setup which purs beautifully. Everything is stock on my bike. I put on 1 #115 and 1 #118 main jet. I put the 2 washers under each needle jet. I backed off air/fuel mixture screws 3 turns each. I made no checks or adjustments to carb synchronization. I only need my choke if it's chilly out. I installed the TJ Customs fuel filter. I verified that you can delete the fuel pump but i decided to hook back up. I live in Iowa. Tech tips:
Only use ethanol free fuel from Top Tier gas stations with individual pumps. On carb/head boot clamps, remove spacers so you can better clamp. Proper sealing is crucial. Make sure your air filter has plush foam on the back. Flat or deformed foam will allow extra air to sneak by air filter. You will need long reach needle nose and hose pliers. Pay attention when putting bowls on. The gaskets didn't like to stay flat. The hex screws included in this kit weren't long enough, I reused factory screws. This carb uses M4 and M5 screws throughout. I prefer allen cap screws anyway for better tool grab.
Like many say, it's better to be on the rich side than lean. We ain't got time to remove these carbs over again. Just try the above combo and hopefully works for you. Good luck.

TJ got a customer for life

Great kit. Great quality. Well packaged. And it showed up early which was nice. But the thing I like most is the customer service. I messaged him on his Instagram page about being intimidated by these carbs. He replied quick and not only reassured me I’d be fine but sent me links for his YouTube with the how to videos. Step by step from A to Z and very easy to follow. Fairly simple rebuild and the bike runs better than it ever has since I’ve owned it.
Overall very pleased with TJ Brutal Customs and just placed my second order with him. Definitely a TJ brutal customer for life. DO FUN SHIT!

Awesome Kit! 200% Worth it!

This is has everything you need. In addition to this you get great video tutorials from TJ on his YouTube page. Definitely recommend!