Straight Up Sissy Bar Kit - Honda Shadow VT600 VLX

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This Bolt-On Sissy Bar for the Honda Shadow VT600 VLX 600 motorcycles is a simple and clean design offering an answer for those in need of a sissy bar, but without the means to make one at home! No welding needed!! 


When choosing powder coat options, powder coat is only on the Sissy Bar; we do not powder coat the fenders!

This sissy bar is handmade in America; not farmed off to Taiwan! 
Bent from 1/2" steel, this is just what you need to strap a sleeping bag to or an 18 pack of suds!!
This Sissy Bar is meant to fit the Honda VT600/VLX600 model in conjunction with the TJBC Curved Bobber Fender, though it may fit other manufacturers models of fenders. It will NOT fit a stock fender. We cannot guarantee a perfect fit with other fenders.  
It does not fit the Curved "Short Round" Fender, as doing so would angle your sissy bar to between aproximately 10:30 and 11:00 as viewed from the left side of the bike. 

Sissy Bar Kit Includes

  • Sissy Bar
  • All necessary mounting hardware

Sissy Bar with Fender Kit Includes -

  • Sissy Bar
  • Fender
  • All necessary mounting hardware

These are cake to install. You can attach them to your axle plates one of two ways: 
TJ's Method - Locate the 3rd & 4th from the rear notch on your axle plate on each side and center punch each plate about 1/2" above the notches. You want to make sure the lower bung doesn't hit the adjustment notches and it doesn't hit the curved portion of the axle plate.  
rill a 5/16" hole and then tap it with a 3/8"-16 tap, 


Alternate Mothod - Drill a 3/8" hole and use a nylock nut on the bolt on the backside of the axle plate. Lay a length of chain over the center line of the tire, tape it down and lay the fender on this, it will give you a perfect fender height! 
Move your Sissy Bar to the angle you want and mark the location of the holes needed for the upper fender supports. Pull the fender off and drill the holes. 
At the rear of the fender you will want to drill a slightly oversize 3/8" hole to attach the Sissy Bar fender supports using the included hardware
At the front of the fender you will want to drill two holes to mount the included L brackets to the fender itself. 
Do not weld anything to the fender. 
You can either drill holes in the L brackets to bolt them to the swing arm or weld them to the swing arm. 

The top of Sissy Bar is approx 14" from the top of the fender.