TJ Brutal Customs Badge of Honor Trucker Hat

$ 29.99

Badge of Honor TJ Brutal Customs T-Shirt

$ 24.99

Shop Stop TJ Brutal Customs Windbreaker Jacket

$ 49.99

Brutal Blocked Tee - T-Shirt

$ 19.99

Math is Stupid Tee - T-Shirt

$ 19.99

Ride Fast Take Chances Tee - T-Shirt

$ 19.99

Do Fun Shit Tee - T-Shirt - Back Print

$ 19.99

Ride Fast Take Chances TJ Brutal Customs Pullover Hoodie

$ 34.99

Live Free Ride Free TJ Brutal Customs Tee - T-Shirt

$ 20.99

Are you a fan of TJ Brutal Customs? Show it off with our line of custom clothing we designed just for you! Whether you’re looking for biker gloves or your new favorite shirt or hat, we carry a wide range of custom-made apparel that reflects our love for riding. Our unique selection of apparel and accessories includes:

  • Hoodies. Stay warm and cozy all year long with our custom hoodies. Whether you’re looking for a zip-up hoodie or a pullover, we’ve got you covered! Our hoodies are perfect for those nippy night rides or late nights spent wrenching around in your garage or workshop. Each hoodie features our TJBC logo and feel just as great as they look.
  • Gloves. Every rider needs a solid pair of biker gloves to help you maintain a good grip as you ride. In partnership with Sullivan Glove Co., one of America’s premier leather goods manufacturers, we carry a wide variety of premium-quality biker gloves made from heavy-duty American buffalo leather. This leather offers the highest level of abrasion resistance and it even forms to your hand as you wear it. All gloves are cut and handmade to order—we make our gloves just for you! These gloves are also a great all-around work and chore glove, so they’re great to wear even when you’re not riding.
  • Hats. Grab one of our TJ Brutal Customs snapbacks with our Tetra Logo or our limited edition handmade, custom Beaver Back Hat by Trovador Customs in Austin, TX—either way, you’ll look great with one of our exclusive hats. We also carry our custom Ski Mask with gold embroidered Tetra Logo. It can roll up for everyday wear, then convert to a ski mask for brisk nights on the slopes.
  • Socks. Our line of unique apparel includes custom socks that keep your feet comfortable in style. We’ve designed our socks to reflect the free spirit of our company and the bikers who support us, so pick up a pair today!
  • Sunglasses. Looking for the best sunglasses to ride your bike in? Our exclusive sunglasses made in partnership with Tres Noir Eyewear Co. are inspired by the California lifestyle and car culture.
  • T-shirts. Your search for the best biker t-shirt ends here! We carry a huge selection of t-shirts that feature our Brutal Customs logo and unique prints and designs you won’t find anywhere else. Pull on one of our t-shirts and show off your spirit—you’re a free thinker, one of the toughest ones on the road and, most importantly, you’re a biker! Show it off with our soft but strong t-shirts specially made just for you.

TJ Brutal Customs has the gear you need to look great every time you ride. Our apparel and accessories embody the spirit of how we all feel our lives should be. We’re proud of the fact that our entire product line is made to last, just like the hardworking, blue-collar folks of this country. Pick up a hoodie, t-shirt, sunglasses and premium-quality gloves today so you can ride in style.