Fortis Crucem Carb Shield - Honda Shadow VT600 VLX600 VT750

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The Fortis Crucem Carb Shield is the perfect fit to cover the left side of the carburetor assembly of your Honda Shadow while still having access to your air fuel mix screw and choke. 

Attaches to the original stock cover mount using the included stainless bolt. 

Each shield is approximately 3". 

Aluminum and brass can very easily get scratched or dented or dinged due to the very soft composition of the metal. It is very normal to find scratches or little dings in each piece, even some oxidation, but instead of trying to create some hermetically sealed surgery grade BS, I choose to leave some of those minor marks, which come from the journey through the shop. From raw material to cutting, to abrading, even anodizing and laser etching, and buffing and packing, these shields are a legit piece of hand crafted goodness. Made right here in the USA.