Custom Peanut Gas Tank (Universal) Honda Shadow Spirit 07-09 and AERO 04-10

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This custom made gas tank for the Honda Shadow VT750 AERO and Spirit carbureted models also fits plenty of other single backbone...

This custom made gas tank for the Honda Shadow VT750 AERO and Spirit carbureted models also fits plenty of other single backbone motorcycles!  Fits your bikes single backbone perfectly! Includes TJ Brutal Customs gas cap in aluminum but you can also upgrade to solid brass here.

This is not a Sporty tank that has been hacked apart, no, this tank sits perfectly on the back of your bike, is made by hand and will last for years to come.

 Fits the Following Models:

  • Honda Shadow Spirit VT750C2F 2007 - 2009 (Single Carb Models Only)
  • Honda Shadow AERO VT750C/CA 2004 - 2010 ( Single Carb Models Only)
  • Fits many other models of Single Backbone Motorcycles - see tank specs below to see if this tank is right for your build!

Tank Specs:

  • 17.75" L (including mounting tabs), 9.00" W, 8" D
  • Tunnel Width - 2.5"
  • Tunnel depth at rear of tank approx 1"
  • Tunnel depth at front of tank approx 1.75"
  • Capacity - Approx. 2.8 gallons+-
  • Fuel bung is 1/8" NPT
  • Vented aluminum cap included
  • Petcock sold separately (does not work with stock petcock)
  • Tanks are not lined. We recommend using Red-Kote!

To Install - Remove your stock tank. Sit your Carbureted Honda Shadow AERO or Spirit upright as if you were going to ride it, have a seat and set the gas tank on the frame. While you are sitting on the bike, hold the gas tank and turn your bars left and right to make sure the tank is positioned far enough back on the backbone (towards the family jewels) so it doesn't hit the risers or the bars when you turn them all the way, yet far enough forward that the rear tab is not hanging off the backbone.  You can zip tie, or tape the gas tank to the backbone during this fit process if you'd like, it also helps if a friend moves the bars for your while you hold the tank steady. Its always more fun with friends!

Once you have determined your bars wont hit the tank at full lock, mark where the front mounting tabs hole is with a marker, and check that your rear tab isn't hanging off the back of the backbone, if it is you may need to re-adjust. In this case, wipe off the original marker and start over. Once you've decided on where to mount the tank, center punch the frame where you want the tabs to bolt to and drill a 5/16" hole.  You can then thread this with a 3/8-16" tap. You will preferably want to do the front mounting hole first, thread a bolt in and then locate, center punch, drill and tap the rear mounting point. 

    **Note:   To prevent spillage from fuel expansion and vibration, do not overfill, fill within about an inch from the filler neck.  We also recommend using T-tape on all plumbing threads. You need to line these tanks. They will rust eventually and then you will be big sad when the gas starts to ruin your 3,000$ paint job from the inside out. **

    Guess I have to say this - These tanks are raw steel. If you dont paint them, they will rust. 

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