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Backdraft Exhaust - Honda Shadow VT600 VLX600

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The Backdraft Exhaust for the Honda Shadow VT600s aka VLX600 are a badass exhaust pipe design that is unrestricted and allows you to get the most out of your Honda Shadows performance!  Or if you don't own a leaf blower, these will do the job in a pinch! Oh. My. GOD... These pipes seriously BLOW! Not only will they direct the exhaust gasses from your road raping hell-machine into the black-as-sin asphalt, they look damn fine doing it! 

Made of 16 ga steel, TIG welded to the TJ Brutal Customs DOM exhaust bosses that are made to withstand the apocalypse or your third divorce, using thick steel collars that double as cock rings, these pipes are made to last! 


HEY FARTFACE! You will need exhaust gaskets when installing new exhaust! Don't be a ding dong and get 'em HERE!  Also, you will have to tune your bike once these have been installed! Be sure to pick up one of our Performance Tuning Kits HERE! Otherwise, your bike will run like absolute shit and you'll be pissed and we don't want to hear you whine like a bitch cuz you couldn't be bothered to read the description of shit you bought online! Get that performance tuning kit PRONTO!

Turn around time can be anywhere between 4 and 8 weeks. 

Fits all years of VT600, VLX and Steed. 

Do not wrap these pipes, (you SHOULD, however, wrap your jimmy) doing so will void the warranty (on these pipes, not your jimmy) as well as increase the chances of corrosion and failure. Please refer to the FAQ section for an explanation as to why we do not wrap pipes. All pipes are handmade and will have minor differences from set to set, being the nature of custom, handmade parts, you may see some plating differences, weld differences, but all pipes have been checked to make sure that with proper care, they will have a long life on your bike. These are made in the USA.  Color change is normal on all pipes even when plated as they are single wall exhaust. If not cared for properly rust and corrosion can occur.