Exhaust Tips - Fits 1.75" Exhaust Tubing

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Exhaust tips for 1.75" exhaust are the perfect pièce de résistance to your exhaust! 
While these aren't a performance enhancement piece, they sure make a set of exhaust look sexy as hell!


  • Fits exhaust tubing with an ID of 1.6300
  • Includes 1/4-20 bolts, nuts and split lock washers

These tips are designed to fit inside the ends of straight cut exhaust, and they attach with the included hardware. All you need to do is drill a tiny hole and bolt the tips in! 

Tech note: You may be wondering why we didn't use nylock nuts with this kit, and the reason is that most nylock nuts will end up doing one of two things when exposed to high heat. The nylon locking piece inside the nut becomes brittle and ceases to actually hold the bolt in its grip, or the nylon just ends up melting out. We chose to go with a mechanical method of locking the hardware so we went with a split lock washer. You are welcome to use whatever hardware you choose but we felt that our hardware choice was the best option.