Velocity Stack for Honda VTX1300S, 1300C, 1300R - Single Carb

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The Velocity Stack for the Honda VTX1300 is one of the easiest ways to improve performance on your carbureted bike! A velocity stack allows the carb throat (Venturi) to be extended so the engine can maintain vacuum beyond the slide of the carb, as well as serving to reduce turbulence; resulting in a much more efficient delivery of emulsified fuel and air mixture to your engine.

Each stack includes:

  • 1 Velocity stack
  • 1 Mounting baseplate
  • 1 Filtration screen
  • 3 set screws to hold the stack into the base plate. 

Any time you adjust your intake or exhaust, you will need to tune your carb properly using the correct style of jets. You will also want to make sure you retain the o-ring that fits the mouth of the carb, place this on the carb, then install the stack. We have a jet kit in the works that will include everything you need! 

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