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Honda Shadow Solid Handlebar Riser Bushings - Fits Bikes With 34mm Riser Pocket

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This set of aluminum solid handlebar riser bushings fits all bikes with a 34mm riser pocket in the top tree. These will work with the stock Honda Shadow handlebar risers, as well as with aftermarket handlebar risers. If you drill out the stock metal bushings inside the Honda Shadow top clamp, you will be able to mount aftermarket handlebar risers or Harley risers in your top clamp! 

These do not replace the stock rubber bushings that are permanently in your top tree, they replace the removable rubber bushings under the risers. 


Your Honda Shadow stock top clamp has rubber riser bushings that get mushy over time and your bars can flex pretty bad. This leads to poor handling and a dangerous situation when you need to handle your bike quickly to avoid a collision. The solution to this is to use these solid riser bushings for a positive connection between bars and front suspension.