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Shorty Choke Knob - Honda Shadow VT600, VLX & VT750

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These shorty choke knobs replace the stock choke assembly for the VT600, VLX, and the VT750. The stock choke is a long dangling thing that just never seems to have a home once you start chopping the bike. 

You can pull firmly on the knob and they will lock into place, once locked open let the bike warm up for a few minutes. To shut off the choke, Press it into its seated position.

These will fit the dual and single carb Honda VLX, VT600 and the single and dual carb VT750, as well as the VT1100 and VTX1300. If your stock air filter box is installed, accessing the choke will be near impossible.  These are best paired with our sexy velocity stack intakes!