The HOLY GRAIL of service manuals: HONDA SHADOW VT750 - VT700C 1983-1984

on June 14, 2019

YOU GUYS... the holy grail is here and we’ve got it!

TJ went all Indiana Jones on us and uncovered the holy grail of outdated bikes – a service manual for the Honda Shadow VT750-VT700C (1983-1984)!!!

Best of all, he just uploaded the service manual to the TJ Brutal Customs Knowledge Base. Find it here.


This particular Honda Shadow is long outdated, but well-loved by those who know it. Actually, when it comes to the 83-85 Honda Shadow VT750, it’s kind of like a dying unicorn situation. It was born during the Reagan years, never had many numbers produced and was only produced for two short years. Most of the parts companies stopped making parts for it years ago. Honda dropped the Honda Shadow VT750 and then introduced the Honda Shadow VT700C in 1984 as a direct result of increased tariffs placed on Japanese imports. The U.S. then raised the import tariffs on engine sizes above 701 cc. Thus, the engine size was reduced from a 750 cc to 700 cc to get bikes into the U.S.


Special identifying features on this model are the round head lamp and instrument casings with a chromed front fender. The front wheel bore a dual disc brake system and dual horns mounted on the front. The painted side covers had the Honda Shadow 700 decal. The engine is a 694 cc SOHC 3-valve liquid cooled V-Twin with a 6-speed, shaft drive transmission (from 1984-1987). New hydraulic valve adjusters and twin plug cylinder heads were used. The Honda Shadow VT750C was available outside of the USA with a larger engine displacement but Honda didn’t introduce another VT750 model until 1997.

Is this your bike? Then RUN (don’t walk) over to the TJ Brutal Customs Knowledge Base and DOWNLOAD it!!! The PDF includes a wiring diagram and operational specs as well as assembly and disassembly procedures. GET IT!


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