The BEST Mono Shocks for a Comfortable Ride - Honda Shadow VT600/VLX600

Do you want THE BEST mono shocks for a comfy ride? Let’s talk.

A customer wrote us asking, “Are there any rear shock upgrades for the VT600? I’ve got a 2004 VT600 (aka VLX600). I’ve noticed my rear spring doesn’t help my back anytime I hit a pothole. I wanted to know if I could upgrade the rear shock with anything else?”

TJ answers these questions in this NEW VIDEO!



First, a little background: The VT600 has a mono shock. It’s a shock underneath the seat that allows the bike stock to look like it’s a rigid frame. What’s nice about it is you can put a single strut in there to actually make it a really rigid frame… but this customer is asking for some cushion.

So the short answer is YES, you can upgrade. However, it’s gonna be pricey.

I recommend checking out Hagon - a great shock company. They’re also super easy to work with/communicate with. They make super high quality suspension components, including adjustable shocks for the VT600 (not cheap, but you certainly get what you pay for). The adjustability on their shocks works much better than the VT600 stock suspension. They’ve also got a couple different options to choose from, so check them out!


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