The BEST Exhaust Option for Honda Shadow Bobbers: Backdraft Exhaust

Today on the blog, we’re getting to know the TJ Brutal Customs Backdraft Exhaust! Pop a squat and let’s have a chat about one of the BEST upgrades available on the market today for your Honda Shadow bobber! It's a cinch to install, too!


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Is your Honda Shadow bobber in need of an upgrade? Get rid of your stock pipes and go custom! And when you do decide to go custom, nothing fits the bill like a custom Honda Shadow exhaust by TJ Brutal Customs! TJ offers a number of different styles and finishes starting at only $249. Let’s explore your options!


TJ Brutal Customs offers 3 sexy Honda Shadow Backdraft Exhaust models—all of which sport a BADASS exhaust pipe design that’s unrestricted and allows you to get the most out of your Honda Shadows performance! Here are the 3 models we offer:






For the purpose of this article, we’re focusing on the Backdraft Exhaust, but TJ Brutal Customs also offers two additional Honda Shadow bobber exhaust options worth looking into:


Magnus V Upsweep Exhaust - Honda Shadow VT600 VLX600

Custom Exhaust Kit - Honda Shadow VT600, VLX, VT750


Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty details and features you’ll find in a TJ Brutal Customs Honda Shadow Backdraft Exhaust. Here we go!


What’s included in the TJ Brutal Customs Backdraft Exhaust Kit?

The TJ Brutal Customs Backdraft Exhaust for Honda Shadow VT750 or Honda Shadow VT600 come in a number of finishes: black chrome, brass, chrome or raw.



With every TJ Brutal Customs Honda Shadow exhaust kit you’ll get 4 bolts and 4 lock washers that will replace the stock nuts on your current exhaust studs. The Backdraft Exhaust also comes in a number of different tips like dump out, slash cut and straight cut tip.


All TJ Brutal Customs exhausts are constructed from 1.75 inch diameter tubing. We use the TJ Brutal Customs exhaust bosses and collars on all of these exhausts. You DON’T need to buy an exhaust boss and collars set if you buy your exhaust on our site – they’re already included in the kit and ready to go.


Our exhausts are non-baffled which means you will need to re-jet your carb. We offer Performance Tuning Kits on the site which serve as a jet kit that’ll accommodate our velocity stacks and all of the TJ Brutal Customs Honda Shadow exhaust lines.


Changing your exhaust collars and gaskets

On the Honda Shadow VT750, you’ll notice it comes with two collars not attached to the pipes. You’re going to want to slide those on to install the pipes. For the Honda Shadow VT600, you’ll have one of those flanges already installed on the back of the pipe.


Anytime you install exhaust on your bike or pull off your exhaust—or change it in any way—you should plan on changing your exhaust gaskets. We carry some in the TJ Brutal Customs shop here (for Honda Shadow VT600, VT750, and VT1100). When installing, first make sure you get the old gasket out first. Get a small pick and scrape around there and really make sure it’s out otherwise you’ll end up with an exhaust leak.

How to install your TJ Brutal Customs exhaust

To install any of the TJ Brutal Customs exhaust kits, start by removing the old exhaust and old exhaust support. Next, get out all of the old exhaust gasket using a dental pick or a similar small tool to scrape it out. But be careful you don’t accidentally shove any of the old gasket into the motor though! Once that’s out, pick up a set of new exhaust gaskets and push those into each exhaust port. Then, install the rear pipe first. It’s much easier to reach the lower exhaust stud with the nut and lock washer before the front pipe has been installed. Once that’s set, just tighten everything down to spec (as per your service manual) and you’re ready to roll.


Does the Backdraft Exhaust come with baffles?

No – we don’t put any baffles in our exhaust. They’re wide open and they’re nice and loud... but you’re welcome to add your own. Check out the baffles we offer!


How should I clean my exhaust pipes?

To take care of your pipes, all you need is a little Windex. BUT, make sure the bike has cooled off first! Even if your bobber’s been sitting in the sun, it can still be too hot to handle any type of chemical, so wait for it to cool off first. Once cooled, a little bit of Windex and a clean shop rag will do the trick!


What else do I need to purchase if I’m planning to install a TJ Brutal Customs exhaust kit myself?

If you pick up any of our exhausts you’ll need to purchase a set of TJ Brutal Customs exhaust gaskets since these are not included in our exhaust kits.


Here’s a little more info and links to all of the TJ Brutal Customs Backdraft Exhaust Kits.





This sexy [NEW!!!] exhaust fits the Honda Shadow VT750 models with the plastic engine covers with the exhaust cutaway on the bottom. The pipes are designed closer to the bike to keep your leg away from the pipes when riding. Fits the following models:

  • Aero and Phantom 2004 and up
  • Spirit VT750C2F 2007 and up

Available in Natural and Cerakote. 


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The Backdraft Exhaust for the Honda Shadow VT600s aka VLX600 are a badass exhaust pipe design that is unrestricted and allows you to get the most out of your Honda Shadow's performance! Or if you don't own a leaf blower, these will do the job in a pinch!

These pipes seriously BLOW! Available in Natural Steel, Cerakote Black and Chrome.

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The Backdraft Exhaust for the Honda Shadow VT750s are a badass exhaust pipe design that is totally unrestricted and ready to BLOW. This will fit: 

  • Spirit VT750DCA up to 2007
  • All VT750 ACE Models 1998-2003
  • All VT750 Spirit Models 2001-2007
  • All VT750 RS Models 2010-2013

Available in Natural Steel, Chrome and Satin Black Cerakote.



Once you decide on the Backdraft Exhaust you need, watch THIS easy install video!!!



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