Replacing Honda Shadow Riser Bushings – HOW TO

Got some worn out riser bushings on your Honda Shadow? On some Honda Shadow models, the riser bushing in the top clamp ends up wearing out after a while. Can this wear and tear be prevented? If not, then how can they be replaced? We’ll cover all this and more in today’s blog post.


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“Help! I need to replace my Honda Shadow’s riser bushings!”


If you’ve got worn out riser bushings on your Honda Shadow bobber, then you’ve come to the right place.


First, let’s talk about the deeper issue here and then we’ll get around to how (or “if”) you can replace them.


Honda Shadow Riser Bushings

You’ll find the riser bushings on the top clamp of your Honda Shadow model (this goes for Honda Shadow VLX600, Honda Shadow VT750 and Honda Shadow VT600 models). On the top clamp, you’ll see a little hole that your risers attach to; it has a little round ring at the bottom and a steel sleeve covered in rubber—both of which will eventually go bad.


Removing Riser Bushings

Unfortunately, your riser bushings are a pain in the butt to remove. We’ve tried pressing on them to get them out but that doesn’t work, so our top recommendation would be to grab a drill bit and drill out the old, busted up riser bushing.


What’s Next?

Since riser bushings can’t actually be replaced, we recommend you solid mount your risers. You can put some washers in there and mount it in the top clamp solid. Run everything through the whole and stick your nut in the bottom (or vice versa for a bolt through the bottom kind of riser).


Bottom line: to replace your riser bushings, you just DON’T.


For a demonstration of how this whole process works using a Honda Shadow top clamp, watch this video:



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