10 Rad Bobber Mods For The Honda Shadow

on September 14, 2017

This bike is super damn sweet!

This little beauty right here - owned by Chris Jaure of downtown LA - is a Honda Shadow we nicknamed the Brown Sugar Bruiser. Named for its one-of-a-kind paint job, it features TJ Brutal Customs's Jockey Shifter and Suicide Clutch along with several other TJ Brutal Customs parts installed by Chris and our homey Eric over at Casa Customs. But enough talk - let’s get to the good stuff! Check out the photos and full list of mods and parts below.


This bike is the stuff of dreams. Like many of the bikes we see, it came together over the course of several years. Chris tapped Eric at Casa Customs to help install many of the modifications you see here.

Look closely and you'll see a sexy Jack Daniels bottle repurposed as a coolant overflow tank.


That's an Avon Speedmaster MKII on the front. God, it looks fantastic. A Single Cable Throttle Assembly from TJ Brutal Customs cleans up the handlebars.


The bread and butter of this bike is the TJ Brutal Customs Jockey Shifter and Suicide Clutch Kit featuring a solid brass knob. Eric at Casa Customs installed these for Chris, who claims they're now his favorite part of the bike. 


TJ's Single Carb Velocity Stack in solid brass replaced the bulky old air filter. And that's our Boot Burner Exhaust (which we resurrected in late July, due to popular demand) with straight cut pipes. In the back, the TJ Brutal Customs Curved Bobber Fender (supported by our Fender Strut Kit) sits just above the rear tire.


The Brown Sugar paint color was a suggestion from Chris' painter, Rylee, at RwD3signs out of Long Beach, CA. Shattered glass gives it the "glittery" vibrance you see here.


Below the seat, a 5" bolt on the Electronics Tank hides all the wires and the ignition. You can see the Holey Foot Pegs resting right in front of the Boot Burner Exhaust - but far enough away that you won't actually burn your foot. 


Badass brass! Here's a closeup of the gorgeous single carb solid brass Velocity Stack. 


With all of these impressive modifications, it's safe to say, owner Chris Jaure is one stoked Honda Shadow owner. And we get really stoked seeing our parts in action. 


Watch our full interview with Chris below.


Below are direct links to all of the TJ Brutal Customs pieces mentioned above: 

Jockey Shifter & Suicide Clutch Kit
Boot Burner Exhaust
Velocity Stack
Holey Footpegs
5" Electronics Tank
Curved Bobber Fender
Strut Kit
Single Cable Throttle Assembly


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