The IDEAL Replacement for that D-Shaped Mix Screw you HATE.

on January 29, 2018

If you've ever tried to adjust a D-shaped mix screw--underneath and behind your carb--while tuning your bike, you know it requires some serious master yogi skills. Time to upgrade to this little bad boy: 

Air-Fuel Mix Screw


Our Long-Handled Air-Fuel Mix Screw will make tuning your bike 100x easier. All you need is a riding glove to reach underneath the carb and make a simple adjustment to your air-fuel mixture. It's simple! Plus we've numbered the handle so you can count your turns in and out for more precise tuning. Get yours here.




Take a look at this video to see how nicely our screw fits into your carb.  



One thing to note: You'll need a D-shaped bit to remove the stock mix screw. We have those available here