Installing Fender and Struts on a Softail Honda Shadow

on September 05, 2019

Today on the blog we’re talking about how to handle the fender + strut situation on a softail Honda Shadow. How and where would you mount them? Let’s talk through it.


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Can you use a fender and struts on a Honda Shadow that’s not hardtailed? Yes, you can! Keep on reading for a couple tips on what to do and what to avoid.


The KEY to mounting a fender on a softail Honda Shadow is to mount the fender to the swingarm with struts.


Need a fender strut or mounting kit? Here are our top recommendations:


And click here to see all of TJ Brutal Customs’ Honda Shadow fender options, including… 




Now… here’s what not to do (VERY IMPORTANT!):


We DO NOT recommend running a sissy bar if you have a full suspension swingarm on your Honda Shadow. Here’s why: this essentially turns your sissy bar into a tuning fork. It’ll be wobbling and shaking at high speeds, which is super annoying and looks ridiculous! This also renders it pretty worthless because you can’t strap anything to it. Eventually, it’ll end up cracking the weld from too much vibration. Bottom line: avoid this at all costs!


Want to hear TJ’s take on all this? Watch this video:




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