I Want To Get Rid of My T-Bars, Can I Do It on my Bike?

Today I am going to be answering a question I have not received in awhile, can I put my risers from 2002/2003 Honda VT600 to my 88/89 Honda VT600?

Alot of the Honda Shadow models back in the day T-Bar handle bars. They risers were actually welded to the handlebars and there was no riser to clamp the handlebars into. They are commonly referred to as T-Bars. You have to bolt them in from the bottom, the risers that is. So if you did not like the positioning of the handle bars it was difficult then because you were stuck with them in that spot. Someone asked if they could take a stock riser from a VT600 2002/2003 and put them on his 88/89 Honda VT600. He wanted to know if it would fit his bike. If you want to put after market risers you find on the internet, like one of ours, you will need to drill out the center pushing in the top. If you have an earlier style Honda Shadow with T-style bars yes you can get risers from other places and put them on there no problem. One of the easiest things to modify your bike is to update your bars and pipes. Two really easy motifications depending on your level of mechanical skill. Without alot of cost involved and could be done in a day. 


Checkout the video below for TJ's full description! 


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