I Want to Chop My Honda Shadow – Where Do I Start?

on September 19, 2019

Want to start chopping your Honda Shadow but not sure where to start? Today on the blog we’ve got a few tips on where—and how—to get started, regardless of how much experience you have.


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You’re finally ready to start building the Honda Shadow of your dreams but you’re not sure where to begin. Even if you have little to no experience chopping Honda Shadows, you can always start somewhere. Here’s what we recommend.


Bolt-ons for Beginners

The simplest and easiest adjustment you can make to your Honda Shadow is the bolt-on mod. They are super easy to install and require zero fabrication or welding. Plus, they look 1000% better than any stock Honda Shadow part already sitting on your bike – we guarantee it!


Take a look at all of TJ Brutal Customs’ bolt-on options.


When you’re just starting out in the world of Honda Shadow chopping, any modification with little to no fabrication is always a great idea.


Intake & Exhaust Mods

Another option for the beginner chopper is changing out your intake and exhaust. It doesn’t require a whole lot of fabrication, but it’ll provide you with a great understanding of how your bike functions and what makes it run. This also presents the opportunity for you to open up your Honda Shadow and get a better feel for the workings of your bike.


Take a look at all of TJ Brutal Customs’ exhaust options.


Gas Tank & Handlebar Mods

Changing out the gas tank or handle bars on a Honda Shadow creates a drastic change in how the bike looks. Both mods offer an extreme visual shift in the lines of your bike—both in how it looks from afar and how it sits. These two simple Honda Shadow mods can create a whole new bike.


There are usually bolt-on options for both tanks and handlebars unless you get bars that are larger than your current ones. In that case, you’d need to extend your handlebar lines and cables (and here’s a quick tutorial on how to do that!)


For more on how to start chopping your Honda Shadow, watch this video!


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