How to Make a Custom Sissy Bar

on October 30, 2019

TJ (of TJ Brutal Customs) fashioned and installed a custom sissy bar on his old Honda 1100 Sabre but it wasn’t what he’d hoped. Today on the blog, we’re reviewing the changes he made and how he did it. Be sure to watch the video at the end!


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Every part of your custom motorcycle should serve its intended purpose. Now whether that purpose is to look “cool as shit” or function at optimal capacity, is up to you. But if something’s not working properly, you’d better fix it!


TJ’s Honda 1100 Sabre had a sissy bar that wasn’t quite up to par. So he manned up and fixed it! Here’s what he did and how you can fashion your own custom sissy bar:


The main issue with his custom sissy bar was the crossmember at the bottom. It was too far down on the sissy bar. He’d originally thought it would look better that way, but it got in the way of removing the backrest for the passenger seat and wouldn’t allow him to take off the rear bolt for the seat. That was a big problem.


So before he could remove the crossmember he had issue with, he crafted a new crossmember that would sit up higher on the sissy bar. He grinded it up to make it fit nicely and then prepped the sissy bar so he could weld in the crossmember (the sissy bar wasn’t painted so it had rusted out a bit and needed to be cleaned up).


Once he got the new crossmember tacked in and welded up, he cut out the problem piece, grinded out the nubs that were left on the inside and cleaned them up. Then he took off the rest of the rust on the sissy bar, ran some acetone over it and sprayed a layer of black paint all over to prevent it from rusting. Once it had dried, he re-mounted it and was good to go!


To see the step-by-step of this entire process, watch this video!



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