Honda Shadow Phantom Mod  - Episode 2: ­­­­­­­­­­­­Headlight, Tail Light & License Plate Install

Welcome to Part 2 of our brand new video series that chronicles TJ (of TJ Brutal Customs) as he modifies a Honda Shadow VT750 Phantom (2010 model).


TJ walks viewers through the process of modifying a custom Honda Shadow and shares each step on our YouTube channel. He’ll be inventing parts along the way and asking for YOUR feedback on which mods to make—everything from handlebars and risers to intake, foot controls, and clutch style will be up for debate. We want YOUR input!


Throughout this series, you’ll see firsthand how TJ researches and develops new parts for a custom bike—and he’ll use your feedback to get those parts into production so YOU can use them too!


For this mod, TJ is looking to create a custom Honda Shadow Phantom with a low profile (a little “bulldog-ish,” he says) and fat tires; cruiser-style. But then again, your comments will definitely play a big role in each part of the mod, so be vocal and don’t be afraid to speak up about what you want to see!


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Episode 2: ­­­­­Headlight, Tail Light & License Plate Install


In this episode, TJ reviews a few of the new modifications he’s made to the Phantom since Episode 1 and shows us what he’s working on right now (including gas tank and e-tank prototypes). He’ll also walk us through how he wired his front headlight and will guide us through the full install of a tail light and license plate bracket.


Episode overview:


  • Overview of mods to-date
  • Gas tank and e-tank prototypes
  • Wiring for front headlight
  • Install of tail light and license plate bracket


Welcome back!

Since the last episode, TJ has taken off the tank and speedometer and removed quite a bit of other parts including a lot of the plastic bracketry underneath the original seat. He’s also developed a working e-tank prototype for the Honda Shadow Phantom that is accessible from the outside and holds all the necessary electronics. Stay tuned into future episodes because he’ll be asking for viewer feedback on that. TJ’s also in the process of crafting a sissy bar for phantom with specials slits that will allow you to hook tie-downs (now that’s genius!). This mid will also be highlighted in a future episode. He also shows us the set of Malleus Grips and the Acerus Throttle Assembly he’s recently installed which gave the handlebar set-up a serious upgrade.


Wiring a Headlight

At 03:00, TJ starts walking us through how he’s wired up the Phantom’s front headlight. Be sure to check it out and see what he says about what can/can’t get unplugged. Bottom line, he says, “unplug the stuff you don’t need and make sure the things you’re unplugging are supposed to be unplugged.” He explains in the video!


Gas Tank Prototype

Also in this episode (at 06:07), you’ll see TJ is working on a gas tank that’ll plug into a stock Honda Shadow Phantom. He has fabricated a prototype and wants your feedback! Go directly to the video to comment and let us know what you think about the tank style.


License Plate & Tail Light Install

One of first things that bothered TJ about this bike was the rear end. The way the license plate, tail light and signals were placed it was way too jumbled, making the backside look hideous! Near the end of Episode 2 (07:56), he’ll walk you through how to relocate a license plate to the side of the bike—using the TJ Brutal Customs Tenet License Plate. This kit allows you to install it horizontally or vertically and can fit on either side of the bike. It’s super versatile and the perfect fit for this Honda Shadow Phantom mod. TJ also walks us through how to install the TJ Brutal Customs LED Finned Tail Light for a sleek, smooth look on the back left side of the Phantom.


There’s even more packed into this episode but you’ll have to watch it for yourself to see!





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