Honda Shadow Phantom Mod - Episode 1: Gas Tank and Seat Removal

on November 13, 2019

We are stoked to share a brand new video series that will chronicle TJ (of TJ Brutal Customs) as he modifies a Honda Shadow VT750 Phantom (2010 model). This is totally uncharted territory for us – since we don’t usually show each and every step of the R&D process. TJ will walk viewers through the process of modifying a custom Honda Shadow and share each step on our YouTube channel. He’ll be inventing parts along the way and asking for YOUR feedback on which mods to make—everything from handlebars and risers to intake, foot controls, and clutch style will be up for debate. We want YOUR input!


Throughout this series, you’ll see firsthand how TJ researches and develops new parts for a custom bike. And he’s going to do all he can to get those parts into production so YOU can use them too! For this mod, TJ is looking to create a custom Honda Shadow Phantom with a low profile (a little “bulldog-ish,” he says) and fat tires; cruiser-style. But then again, your comments will definitely play a big role in each part of the mod, so be vocal and don’t be afraid to speak up about what you want to see!


Get ready for some thrills, spills and chills – and make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss an episode!


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Episode 1: Tank and Seat Removal


In this episode, TJ introduces the Honda Shadow VT750 Phantom 2010 model he’ll be working with and starts with the tank and seat removal.


Primary issues addressed in this episode:

  1. The current tank digs into rider’s crotch
  2. Seat is uncomfortable


Ultimately, a lot of changes need to happen with this Honda Shadow Phantom, but you’ve gotta start somewhere, right? This episode walks us through how to safely (and smartly) remove the gas tank and seat.


Tools needed:

- 5mm Allen wrench and socket

- 12mm socket

- 13mm socket

- fluid hose clamps


Here’s why you need the hose clamps: the EFI system is pressurized. There will be some gas spilling, so you’d best be prepared. TJ will walk you through the process of doing it and we might get a little gas on our hands, but that’s OK.


Step 1 – Remove the seat

Underneath the seat there are typically three bolts (however someone got their hands on this bike before TJ did, so we’re missing one). We’re missing the one bolt right at the back of your seat. Remove the back bolt, then unscrew the two side bolts.


Step 2 – Remove tank bolt & speedometer

Remove the bolt at the back of the tank using a 12mm socket. Start the thread manually then use the drill to finish the job.


BUT WAIT!!! There’s more! For the rest of the process and to see TJ complete it step-by-step, watch the full video!


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