Hardtailing My Honda Shadow - Custom Frame or Kit?

on August 09, 2019


Is it easier to hardtail a custom Honda Shadow frame or buy a kit? Today on the blog we'll discuss your options. Let's get started!

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It’s far easier to use a hardtail kit than build a custom frame. TJ Brutal Customs sells a very simple 50% hardtail kit for the Honda Shadow VT600 that you can weld into the Honda Shadow VT600 – and we’re working on creating more for additional bike models.


50% Weld-On Hardtail Kit - Honda Shadow VT600 VLX - 88-07 


When considering the process of hardtailing your Honda Shadow, it’s much easier to use the existing forward frame loop on your Honda Shadow and simply hardtail the rear end. If you wanted, you could even cut the whole rear end off and hardtail that, but you’ll need to make sure you keep the forward frame loop. Your Honda Shadow’s forward frame loop is where your motor mount points are—and your steering stem is already attached, so it’s pretty easy to build off what’s already there.


If you were to build an entirely new, custom Honda Shadow frame, it can get super complicated. There’s a LOT that goes into building your own custom Honda Shadow hardtail frame in order to get it to ride smoothly. We recommend you leave that to the experts.


Bottom line? It’s definitely much easier to hardtail your Honda Shadow with a kit.


For more on hardtailing your Honda Shadow, watch this video!


Shop TJ Brutal Customs hardtail options & get more advice like this here.

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