50% Weld-On Hardtail Kit - Honda Shadow VT600 VLX - 88-07

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Want to hardtail your bike, but don't have a bender?... This weld on hard tail kit kit has all you need!  -This...

Want to hardtail your bike, but don't have a bender?... This weld on hard tail kit kit has all you need! 

-This kit contains the most indestructible  1.125" OD x .120 wall DOM steel for strength and durability.
-2 pre-bent pieces + 1 straight crossmember made specifically for the VT600 VLX 600 (same bike).  It might fit other bikes and models. Unlike many universal kits, this kit is specifically built for YOUR Honda Shadow! The one that you've been scootin around on since the day you started riding it!

This kit will allow you to set the ride height and will allow you to get the bike as low as you want within the limits of swingarm movement. 

Requires some welding, grinding, and cutting to the size you want -  That's your cue to be all kinds of creative, cuz you know chicks dig creative guys that chop bikes up and make sparks! 
This hardtail kit works great with the TJBC Solo Seat package and Curved Bobber Fender Kit because we made 'em all and they all rule so damn hard! 

These pieces sleeve inside the VT600 VLX600 frame, no slugs are used, as the hard tail pieces act as the slugs. Make sure to rosette or plug weld all junctions.

Beginning with the rear wheel removed, we recommend you jack the bike up from the center.   Then cut each side of the upper tubing of the swing arm off, leaving about 3 inches, + or - an inch or two, of tubing from each axle plate's weld to sleeve the tubing into. You may cut more of this off later.  Cut these tubes off on either side of the vertical portion where the mono shock was bolted into. Use the same measurement when cutting the top seat rail. Leave about 3 inches of material from the support bracket behind the gas tank rear bolt hole. You can leave the mono strut support till you have the hardtail pieces welded in. You can then cut the bent hardtail. pieces to the desired length adjusting where you want the bends to end up. You may need to jack the center of the bike up and down to slide the tubing into place. Being able to droop the swingarm is crucial. If you have difficulty with this, you may need to cut more off of the frame tubing by the axle plate and near the seat, or shorten the hardtail bends to get it in there,  also, mind you only take little bits off at a time! Remember, you can't add metal back! Once the bends are sleeved into the frame, you will want to use a piece of square tubing or one of our Mono Struts to hold the swing arm in place as a fixture, which also sets the angle of the swingarm before you weld. Check multiple times before tack welding each piece in place. Weld the two pieces of the hardtail in, adding plug or rosette welds to each sleeved portion for strength. Then remove the Mono Strut and cut out the rear section of the mono strut support. Then you can weld in the seat spring support, or wishbone cross member as some folks call it 

Customer Reviews

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Sara Austin
Awesome fitment and look.

Ground clearance and the stretch are perfect.

Perfect fit and high quality steel

No complaints. Lined right up perfect. Made hardtailing MUCH cheaper for me.

john a frantz
Hardtail works great!

kick ass!!!!!

Corey Medders
For the Win!

After drinking my weight in whiskey and beer, I decided to rip my bike in half and bask in the glory of starting a hard tail. The next morning I realized I have no way to bend tubing nor can I get what I need without buying in bulk. It was then that T.J.'s glorious beard came to mind, I said " Shit, I wonder if this guy still makes these things? " A quick search filled my glassy, half dead eyeballs with internet jizz. These fuckers were here with the quickness, and even better, welded on THE SAME DAY. WORTH IT. LOOKS GREAT. THE OTHERS THAT HAVE A COMPLAINT ARE PUSSIES. DO FUN SHIT!

Larry R Wade
Odd man out, 5 stars for me!

Read the reviews about the gap between pipe sizes and in my opinion after receiving mine, I think it is a necessary. I thought the pipes were bent perfectly and the rear frame fit the kit with almost no gap, and the front had more and gave the much needed wiggle room. Once everything was in place, I welded the rear portion and then the front. I welded the bottom of the front first where the pipe rested on the frame, then simply used a small hammer to close the gap as I welded. Looks great. 5 stars