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50% Weld-On Hardtail Kit - Honda Shadow VT600 VLX - 88-07

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Want to hardtail your bike, but don't have a bender?... This weld on hard tail kit kit has all you need! 

-This kit contains the most indestructible  1.125" OD x .120 wall DOM steel for strength and durability.
-3 pre-bent pieces made specifically for the VT600 VLX 600 (same bike).  It might fit other bikes and models. Unlike many universal kits, this kit is specifically built for YOUR Honda Shadow! The one that you've been scootin around on since the day you started riding it!

Requires some welding, grinding, and cutting to the size you want -  That's your cue to be all kinds of creative, cuz you know chicks dig creative guys that chop bikes up and make sparks! 
This hardtail kit works great with the TJBC Solo Seat package and Curved Bobber Fender Kit because we made 'em all and they all rule so damn hard! 

These pieces sleeve inside the VT600 VLX600 frame, no slugs are used, as the hard tail pieces act as the slugs. Make sure to rosette or plug weld all junctions.

You will want to use a piece of square tubing or one of our mono struts to hold the swing arm in place as a fixture, then cut each side of the upper tubing of the swing arm off, leaving about 3 inches of tubing from each axle plate's weld to sleeve the tubing into. Use the same measurement when cutting the top seat rail. Leave about 3 inches of material from the support bracket behind the seat bolt hole. Weld the two pieces of the hardtail in, then cut out the rear section of the mono strut support.