Do I Need Both Throttle Cables on My Honda Shadow?

on December 10, 2019

Today on the blog, we’re addressing a commonly asked question: do you really need both throttle cables on a Honda Shadow mod? Are they both necessary? Let’s discuss!


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On your typical Honda Shadow, you’ve got two throttle cables—the push cable and the pull cable. But are they both necessary?


The short answer is no. You only need one—and that’s the pull cable.


The push cable just isn’t necessary for optimal Honda Shadow performance. You don’t need it. Technically, it’s only required by the government to return the carb to a non-open-throttle position. But there’s actually a massive spring on your carburetor that returns the throttle back to close. But the pull cable is all that’s really necessary to effectively control the throttle on your Honda Shadow mod.


Here’s the problem with the push cable: more often than not it doesn’t get lubricated enough, thus creating a sluggish or compromised throttle response. And that’s not because your bike sucks, it’s simply because you’re getting two times the friction.


If you “upgrade” to a single cable throttle and take the push cable out of your current cable setup, you’ll immediately notice a marked difference in throttle position return. When you pull that throttle then let go, it’s going to snap back super fast – and that’s what you want to see.


Watch this clip for TJ's take on the single cable throttle:



Need help with the install of your single cable throttle? Watch this video!






Throttle Pull Cables - Honda Shadow VT600 VLX






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