Can I Install a BIGGER Motor on my Honda Shadow VT600?

on May 21, 2019
So you want a BIG ASS motor...

A customer writes, "I have a VT600 and I want to put a bigger motor in it."

98% of the time this is a TERRIBLE IDEA so let's discuss why.

(And for the 2% of you who are determined to IGNORE this advice and do it anyway, we've got some words for you, too.)

First of all, if you have a traditional stock VT600 frame, you can't just grab some other random motor and slap it in there. It doesn't work like that. Each motor is made to fit the model of bike and its frame. (For example, if you have a VT750, then no you can' t just drop a VT600 motor into your frame.) However, if you can find another VT600 motor and want to swap that in, that's totally doable. (Between the years 88-07 all VT600's pretty much have the same frame. There are a few minor differences with tank, side covers and fenders, but the motors are interchangeable.)

Now if you REALLY REALLY want to try doing this (against my warnings) you'll need to do a LOT to make it fit. If that's your jam (you've got the time on your hands, skilled buddies, a welder, a grider, etc.), it's going to take a lot of work to get the motor in and out of the frame. Not only that but you've gotta ensure you have a secure and stable mount, which is hard to achieve in most cases.

In this video, TJ reviews a few other possible problems and issues that might arise if you're trying to get a bigger motor into your bike.

BOTTOM LINE: If you really want a bigger motor, save yourself the headache and go buy a bigger bike.
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