5 Reasons Why the Backdraft Exhaust is the BEST Exhaust for Honda Bobbers

on March 28, 2019

When it comes to Honda Bobber exhausts there are five things staying constant at the top of our must-have list:

1. Sleek Design 
The design must fit perfectly with a bobber's low profile aesthetic. Nothing too ugly or clunky will work down there. 

2. Great Price 
Custom is ALWAYS preferred. Usually when you hear the word "custom" in relation to motorcycles, you imagine it costs an arm and a leg. Not so with TJ Brutal Customs. TJ offers the most LEGIT CUSTOM PARTS on the market at some of the BEST prices around. There's just no comparison. 

3. INSANE Sound 
Any exhaust worthy of a custom bobber must be ROARING LOUD and annoy the hell out of everyone else on the road. Right???  

4. Plays Well with Others
Performance-wise, any exhaust needs to pair well with other custom kits (e.g. EFI Stacks). This is a no compromise situation.

5. Easy to Install
If install looks to be a pain in the ass, we're less likely to pull the trigger on a purchase. 

Thankfully, the TJ Brutal Customs collection of Backdraft Exhausts meets all five of these requirements! They offer MULTIPLE options to meet your bike's specs -- and all of them are easy to install. Take a look: 


Backdraft Exhaust - Honda VT750 - 2004 & Up Aero Phantom Spirit

TJ Brutal Customs Backdraft Exhaust
This sexy [NEW!!!] exhaust fits the Honda Shadow VT750 models with the plastic engine covers with the exhaust cutaway on the bottom. The pipes are designed closer to the bike to keep your leg away from the pipes when riding. Fits the following models:
  • Aero and Phantom 2004 and up
  • Spirit VT750C2F 2007 and up
Available in Natural and Cerakote. 
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Backdraft Exhaust - Honda Shadow VT600 VLX600 88-07

TJ Brutal Customs Backdraft Exhaust


The Backdraft Exhaust for the Honda Shadow VT600s aka VLX600 are a badass exhaust pipe design that is unrestricted and allows you to get the most out of your Honda Shadow's performance! Or if you don't own a leaf blower, these will do the job in a pinch!

These pipes seriously BLOW! Available in Natural Steel, Cerakote Black and Chrome.

 - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Backdraft Exhaust - Honda VT750 Spirit, ACE, Aero, RS

The Backdraft Exhaust for the Honda Shadow VT750s are a badass exhaust pipe design that is totally unrestricted and ready to BLOW. This will fit: 

  • Spirit VT750DCA up to 2007
  • All VT750 ACE Models 1998-2003
  • All VT750 Spirit Models 2001-2007
  • All VT750 RS Models 2010-2013
Available in Natural Steel, Chrome and Satin Black Cerakote.


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    Once you decide on the Backdraft Exhaust you need, watch THIS easy install video!!!



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