Tracker Exhaust Pipes - Honda Shadow VT600 VLX 600

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The Tracker exhaust pipes for your Honda Shadow VT600 VLX600 are a straight pipe set with a high position on the bike to radically...

The Tracker exhaust pipes for your Honda Shadow VT600 VLX600 are a straight pipe set with a high position on the bike to radically change the look of your build to give it a more aggressive tracker style! 


  • Honda Shadow VT600 & VLX 1988 - 2007


  • Made from 16ga steel
  • TIG welded to our DOM steel bosses
  • 3/8" thick steel collars
  • Includes new exhaust nuts and spacers for stock studs
  • Fits 1988 - 2007 Honda Shadow VT600, aka VLX 600**
  • Will not fit any other models
  • Does NOT include exhaust gaskets

The Tracker Exhaust is inspired by days past of bad hombre's who got mowed down by righteous dudes with boom sticks; in a time when a man didn't need to know what a duvet was!

You will need exhaust gaskets when installing new exhaust! Get em HERE

Any time a change is made to your motorcycle exhaust or intake, a re-jet, aka tuning is necessary. Our Performance Tuning Kit is meant to work with a free flowing velocity stack and a free flowing exhaust system. Our Performance Tuning Kit is intended as a performance upgrade with velocity stacks and or/open exhaust and is not recommended for a stock intake setup or other aftermarket setups. You can pick up a kit HERE 

NOTE: When installing your exhaust , the boss and collar will not sit flush with the exhaust port, there WILL be a gap. Do not overtighten the exhaust nuts as this can lead to undesirable results.

To clean chrome pipes use windex and a clean microfiber cloth only on cold pipes. Do not use steel wool. Do not clean pipes until they are cold to the touch. Even pipes that have been in the sun can sometimes be too hot to clean. Do not use anything other than windex to clean chrome pipes. Color change is normal on all pipes even when plated as they are single wall exhaust. Natural steel pipes WILL develop rust unless you plate or coat them, however, many people want that ratty look. We recommend you DO NOT WRAP your exhaust! Our lifetime warranty does not cover natural steel exhaust pipes.

**You may need to remove your side cover, passenger peg and mount to accomodate these pipes.** 

If you are concerned about sound levels we offer some bolt in baffles that will reduce the volume of the pipes. 


Due to the hand made nature of these exhaust, they will only be available in very limited runs of 5-10 sets at a time. If you are interested, order now, they sell out extremely fast.