Is your handlebar setup killing your Honda Shadow’s handling? Here’s the solution!

on December 19, 2019

Today on the blog we’re discussing handlebars—and what to do when those riser bushings start to wear out. We'll review how to avoid a potentially dangerous situation and introduce the newest TJ Brutal Customs product. You need this on your bobber RIGHT NOW!


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When rubber bushings go bad, they create a dangerous situation where you can lose control of the front end of your bike. This creates enough flex in the handlebars to compromise your ability to control your steering and the direction your bike is going. When you’re hurdling down the freeway at 80 mph, that’s not really when you want to discover you’ve got crappy steering.


If you need to get your speed up quickly, you want to do that safely and effectively. A poor connection between your handlebars and front end won’t allow you to do that; it’s way too dangerous.


Here’s the solution:


TJ (of TJ Brutal Customs) just created and released a rad little part he’s calling the Solid Handlebar Riser Bushings. These are made specifically to fit any bike with 34mm riser pockets. They’ll work with the stock Honda Shadow handlebar risers, as well as with aftermarket handlebar risers.


And here’s a quick HOW-TO on how to remove stock risers from your Honda Shadow and solid mount the new bushings.


Step 1: Unscrew nuts on bottom of risers and lift the handlebars up


Step 2: Remove the rubber donut-shaped bushings.


Step 3: Take the Solid Handlebar Riser Bushings and insert them into the recessed area where the old riser bushings sat.


Step 4: Slide the handlebars right back in.


Step 5: Grab the stock washer + nut combo and tighten those back on the bottom.


For the FULL step-by-step and more tips from TJ himself, watch the full video:






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