How to Know What/How Many Carbs to Use on Your Bike?

on March 25, 2020

Can you put a different carb on their 2006/2008 VT600? And can you put an electron carb on my VT600?

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The carbs that come on the VT600 can actually deliver more fule and air then the VT600 is able to deal with. You then can put it on a VT750 just fine if you are really looking for performance, then you need to tune your Stock Carb. You can tune it, but this is not to say you cannot use any other carbs on the bike, you can do whater you want. You can stuff a squirrel in your intake if you like- it will not help. But if you can tune our stock carb properly, you will be getting plenty of performance out of that bike. If you are just want to drag race, then sure you are going to want to find a carb exhaust system combo that is going to give you the best offline performance that allows you to slam into high RPM fast. You can put alot of carbs on the single carb VT600's  as well as some of hte other Honda Shadows, but they may not always give you the desired results you are looking for. The key in stock in carbs, they are not bad, usually I am not really into stock stuff, but those carbs with some tuning, they can be an amazing part of your perforamnce of ryour bike. 

The exact question TJ got this week, "Can I put an electron carb on my VT600?" 

Short answer, sure if you want, if you can make a fit, have fun. You are probably going to spend $600-800 on a carb that very well give you almost identical performance to the stock carb.  There are alot of great carbs out there, alot of them are purpose driven, usually electron carbs are geared toward offroad performance. They are a mechanical slide type carb, they have variation in construction dealing with fuel and air delivery to the motor. They all make great products, with pros and cons. 

TJ typically get these types of questions when he knows that people are looking for perofrmance boost and making their bikes MACHINES. Remember that there is a cap to performance on some of these bikes beforeyou blow the motor up. If you want to get overall performance of the bike, from idle to throttle and that means tuning that stock carb properly and you will have an awesome bike. 

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