How To Hide Ugly Underseat Wiring on Your Honda Shadow Bobber

on August 14, 2019

Today on the blog we’re discussing the benefits of using a bolt-on electronics tank to clean up the underseat on your Honda Shadow bobber or chopper. Let’s get rid of that ugly wiring!

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If you own a stock Honda Shadow VT600—also known as a Honda Shadow VLX600—you might want to do something about all those electronics underneath your seat and ditch those plastic side covers. Cleaning up that underseat area can do wonders for your Honda Shadow’s “curb appeal” and it’s easier than you’d think.



Installing your E-Tank

Start by removing all the stock electronic components and mounts from underneath your seat. Once you’ve done that, it’s very simple to install your electronics tank.


The TJ Brutal Customs Bolt-on Electronics Tank (E-Tank) for Honda Shadow VT600 is a 5” diameter component that fits underneath your seat and bolts into your frame using existing threaded holes. There’s actually ZERO fabrication required to install it. (TJ offers E-Tanks for other models as well).


On one end of the tank, you’ll find a removable cap that allows you to easily access your fuse panel or put stuff inside that you want to hide (like your Honda Shadow registration).


Installation is super simple. The kit comes with three stainless steel bolts in addition to your electronics tank. There are already 3 mounting points on your Electronics Tank, so put the screws through the holes and thread them on using an Allen key.


The design of the tank is pretty simple. Its hollow shell allows you to run your electronics through the stock location right below the rear tank bowl. Everything should come right out of the bike and go directly into the E-Tank. It’s super simple.


What goes inside?

We don’t recommend putting your regulator rectifier or coils inside the Electronics Tank. They tend to generate a lot of heat and if they got hot enough, they could cause problems with your electrical system. Make sure you mount the regulator rectifier somewhere where it can get fresh air at all times. The same goes for the coils. However, you can stick your starter relay, the ICM and fuse panel inside the E-Tank.


Where does the battery go?

If you do plan to install a bolt-on Electronics Tank on your Honda Shadow bobber, you’ll need a spot to put your battery. TJ Brutal Customs offers a Bolt-on Battery Box (as well as a weld-on version – click here for all your options) that will accommodate antigravity batteries.


Another benefit of using the Bolt-on E-Tank is that you can relocate the switches from your bars to the smooth panels on the side of the tank. It’s super easy to drill a hole and install a TJ Brutal Customs Push Button Switch or Toggle Switch onto this plate.


Need more info?

For more details on how to install your Honda Shadow Bolt-on E-Tank, watch this video!


For all of the TJ Brutal Customs E-Tank options (including options for the Honda Shadow VT750 ACE and mono struts), click here.


If you're still not convinced you need a Bolt-On E-Tank... watch this video, too!!!

"Why You Need A Bolt-On Electronics Tank, Coil Mount & Battery Box for Honda Shadow VT750 ACE"

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