How to Easily Remove Old Grips from Your Honda Shadow Bobber

on January 29, 2020
So you want to replace the old grips on your bike? This is usually a quick and painless process—unless they’re glued on! Today’s blog post shares all you need to know to effectively remove or replace your grips.


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Removing the grips from your bike is usually a pretty straightforward task. Typically, you can just cut them off. If they’re metal, you’ll need to pull them off. If they’re glued on, then you’re pretty screwed (but we’ll address that in a moment). Please make note: You NEVER need to use glue on your grips; that’s a recipe for disaster.


The Easy Method

On any type of motorcycle—whether it’s a stock Honda Shadow, a Harley or something entirely different—the easiest way to get grips on and off is with compressed air. Grab your air compressor hose, hook it up with a narrow nozzle, put the grip on the bar, and blow the air in there. It’ll slide right onto the bar—no need for spit, WD-40, hairspray or glue! And when you want to take it off you do the same thing: wedge the compressor nozzle underneath the grip, blow air in there and it blows right off. (just make sure you’re not standing on the business end of that grip coming off because it’ll smack you right in the crotch!)


Glued on Grips?

If your grips are glued on to your bike’s throttle sleeve, there’s not much hope for getting them off, so you’ll need a replacement throttle sleeve. That’s the simplest solution in that situation.


For a full breakdown of how to install/uninstall grips on your Honda Shadow, watch this video!








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