How to Avoid Getting a Ticket!

on February 27, 2020

8 tips to make your traffic stop ticket free!

In this video TJ shares 8 tips he has found to be helpful when pulled over by a cop. His 8 tips and tricks are best practices and ettiquete for dealing with the cops when pulled over on a motorcycle.


8 Tips:

  1. Pull over in a well lit area, this way it keeps both you and the cop safe. 
  2. Don’t put your kickstand down, keep your feet on the ground. Again allows the cops to know that you are not going anywhere and are waiting for their instructions. 
  3. Keep your helmet on, if you can’t hear, ask the officer if you can take it off, set it on the ground next to you.
  4. Put your hands on your bars palms facing forward and fingers spread. This shows them that you do not have any weapons in your hands and are willing to comply.
  5. Speak clearly and tell the officer what you’re going to do, wait for him to give the go-ahead, make your intentions clear. Communication is key! 
  6. If you have a weapon on you, just follow their instructions so they can hold it during the stop. Don’t forget to ask for it back! Often they will set the blade on the ground and tell you you can pick it up once they leave.
  7. Inform the officer where your wallet/paperwork is so he knows you aren’t reaching for a gun or a knife. Make sure you clearly communicate! 
  8. Don’t have an attitude, be nice, and let the officer know you are happy to comply and do whatever you can to make this job easier. 

For a full breakdown of TJ's tips watch the video below. 

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