How to Fix Your Honda Shadow's Squeaky Rear Brake!

If you’ve got a Honda Shadow, there’s a really good chance you’ve got a rear drum brake that’s already “squeaking” – or will start squeaking in the near future. What causes this and how can it be prevented? Today on the blog, we’re talking about brake maintenance & tips, so let’s get to it!


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Honda Shadow rear drum brakes are notorious for their “squeak.” General wear and tear is usually the cause, but a little prevention and prep can go a long way. Here are a couple of solid tips to help keep your rear brakes squeak-free for longer.


1. Regular brake maintenance.

Do all that you can to maintain your Honda Shadow’s brakes. Check on them often! Brake dust can accumulate inside your Honda Shadow’s brake drum, so spray it out on a regular basis with compressed air. Spray up in between your brake panel, shoes and wheel hub, too. Be sure to wear a mask, though. Honda Shadow brake dust isn’t something you want to breathe in, so protect yourself.


2. Sand down the sharp edges.

Sand down the two sharp edges of your Honda Shadow’s brake shoes before you install them. You can use a file, flap disc, Dremel tool… whatever you’ve got on hand – but be sure to wear a mask or respirator of some sort because this gets messy! You can also take down the leading edge of that brake shoe while you’re at it. Doing this will prevent the shoes from creating a bunch of little channels in the wheel hub and getting sideways contact, which is what causes the squeaking. Once you do that, put your brakes back in and your Honda Shadow should be squeak-free for months.


For a helpful visual, watch this video on Honda Shadow brake maintenance from TJ Brutal Customs:




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