Do I Need AIS Block Off Plates on My Honda Shadow Build?

on September 25, 2019

Today on the blog, we’re discussing AIS plates and how to tell if you need them on your Honda Shadow build. We’ll also cover the use and function of AIS plates for custom Honda Shadows.


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How do you know if you need AIS plates on your Honda Shadow build?



If you are removing all of the EPA components from your Honda Shadow in preparation for a velocity stacks install—or another aftermarket intake, there’s a simple way to see if AIS plates are in order. But first…


Wait, what are AIS Plates?

If you’re removing the AIS (Air Injection System) from your Honda Shadow (most likely, your Honda Shadow VT600), AIS Block Off Plates are in order. The AIS system is typically found on most California bikes but may be on other state bikes as well. These plates allow you to remove your AIS (Air Induction System) from your bike and cover the little reed valve left on the top of your heads. The AIS is a government-imposed pile of tubing, hoses and other things your bike doesn't necessarily need to run well—plus it clutters up the top of the motor. All of it can technically be removed and discarded.


Does your Honda Shadow build need AIS Plates?

Once the EPA components are removed from your Honda Shadow, you may find two hoses going to reed valves on the top of each head cover. Both hoses point inwards and you’ll find a hose going from there into all sorts of other areas. If your Honda Shadow has these hoses and you choose to remove them, then you’ll definitely need an AIS plate (or pair) if you find the small reed valve underneath.


Where do I find AIS Plates?

TJ Brutal Customs sells AIS Block Off Plates as a set of two plates that will fit many models of Honda Shadow VT750 (up to 2003). If your Honda Shadow VT750 has an EFI system instead of carbureted, you will need the TJ Brutal Customs PAIR Block-Off Plates. It’s important to note that not all Honda Shadow years require block-off plates to remove the AIS. If you’re unsure, check the product descriptions on the AIS Plates linked above (or below) and double check you’ve got those reed valves underneath the EPA components.


Shop TJ Brutal Customs AIS Plates:


AIS Block-Off Plates - Honda Shadow VT600, VT750 - Various Years


PAIR Block-Off Plates - Honda Shadow VT750 - Phantom AERO Spirit


For more on AIS plates and if your Honda Shadow needs them, watch this video:




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