Choosing a Lithium Ion Battery for your Honda Shadow

on September 17, 2019

Today on the blog we’re discussing lithium ion batteries vs. stock Honda Shadow batteries. What’s your preference? What’s on your Honda Shadow right now? Is it time for an upgrade?

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If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your Honda Shadow’s stock battery to a lithium ion replacement, then we’re with you 100 percent!


Lithium ion batteries are excellent. Not only do they have much higher cold cranking amps but you can also mount them in any position. Plus, you lose about 6-7 pounds by switching from a stock battery to an antigravity lithium one. They’re great batteries all around.


One important thing to note is that if you plan to charge them, you must purchase a specific lithium ion battery charger for your new battery. You can’t use the same trickle charger that you’ve been using on your lead cell batteries. You need a specific type of charger for the lithium ion batteries.


So, as long as you don’t try to jump your new lithium ion battery with your car or use your old trickle charger on it, your new battery should serve your Honda Shadow well for years to come!


Bottom line:

We definitely recommend switching to a lithium ion battery on your Honda Shadow because they’re reliable and extremely lightweight. Just make sure you purchase (and use) the right charger for your battery!


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Want more info on installing a lithium ion batteries on your Honda Shadow? Watch this video!

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