Can I Swap Wheels on My Honda Shadow?

on August 29, 2019

Today on the blog we’re talking about motorcycles with interchangeable wheels. Is it possible to stick another Honda Shadow model’s wheels on yours? What about a wheel from a different bike altogether? Let’s explore your options.

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A customer asks, "Can I fit the wheel for my Honda Shadow Spirit on my Honda Shadow 750 Aero?"


Well, it’s complicated. The answer is both YES and NO.


You can actually lace the rim from the Honda Shadow Spirit to the hub of the Honda Shadow 750 Aero because Honda Shadow—in their infinite wisdom—decided they would make all their wheels 52 spokes.


But here’s the problem: no other bike in the world (that we’ve found) has 52 spokes! You’re always welcome to get a wheel yourself and drill all 52 spoke holes by hand, but that would be a horrendous waste of time and total pain in the ass.


Bottom line? Yes, you can take the front wheel of a Honda Shadow Spirit and put it on a Honda Shadow 750 Aero.


Something worth noting is that from 2007-2008 the Aero and Spirit actually have the same model of front axle. So, depending on wheel spacers and the type of fender, you may actually be able to swap the wheel over without any issues between those two years.


For more on this topic, watch this video!


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