Can I Remove My Honda Shadow’s Front Brake Light Switch?

Do you really need that front brake light switch on your Honda Shadow? Should you relocate it or get rid of it entirely? That’s exactly what we’re discussing on the blog today, so keep reading!


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A customer wrote in asking us about his brake light switch. He said he took his Honda Shadow’s stock throttle housing off and was wondering what to do about his brake light switch. Should he trash it or relocate it?


Great question!


As long as your rear brake light switch is intact (double check!), you can definitely remove your front brake light switch. You don’t need it.


If you’re super paranoid and only brake with your front brake (which is totally unsafe and will soon result in you flying over your handlebars to an untimely death), then you could leave it intact. However, it’s really not necessary. Why? Think about it: when you’re braking, most of the time you’re using the front and rear brakes together, or just the rear brake. So a front brake light switch is just not necessary.


To get rid of that switch, grab your Philips head screwdriver, take all the wiring out and throw it in the trash! It unscrews very easily and comes right out of the housing. A simple fix!


For more details on how this process works, watch this video!



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