11 WAYS to STOP your Handlebars from Slipping!

on March 02, 2020
Are your handlebars slipping? Loose? or not seeming to fit correctly? In this latest video TJ shows 11 tips on how to STOP your handlebars from slipping. 
"My Handlebars keep slipping - HELP! What should I do?"
TJ shares his 11 tips on how to STOP  your handlebars from slipping. Some are good fixes and some not so good, but can work in a pinch! TJ orders them in what he thinks is 'crappiest' to best option - so let's dive into it!! 
1. USE 150 grit sandpaper-measure your clamp and how wide it is and cut out a piece of sandpaper. Trim the piece to fit inside the bars and clamp down the bars. Works in a pinch, but not the best option as paper wears down over time.


2. Emery cloth use the same as sandpaper in step one, but use emery cloth instead. A little more durable then paper but still not a great option for over time. 

3. TJ's least favorite solution would be “Pinning” the bars. You would drill the bars and risers and push pins into them. This is not a great option because now you have holes in your bars/risers and have a permanent fixture with drills in it. This will definitely stabilize the bars, but good luck ever getting them out! 

4. Blue Loctite on knurling- something that TJ has heard others have used, but not tried himself. Can work in a desperate situation to possible tighten up your handlebars.

5. Aluminum mesh for wood screws. Similar to the same method of sandpaper and emery cloth but the metal has a very rough surface and more durable. You are going to but them down to fit them inside the bar and clamps. Super affordable and a great option! 

6. Lapping compound used on the handlebars. It is a grinding and lapping compound, that is a mild abrasive. It is great for valves to make sure they seal properly. You can apply it inside the risers to help the bars grip better. 

7. Cut a beer can and shim the risers. Similar to some of other methods, is putting a piece of the beer can inside the risers- great for 'side of the road' fixes. It will work to help clamp your bars down.

8. Use a rasp on bars and clamps. To help create a grip, file a grooves inside the risers and bars. 

9. Loctite on riser bolts. VERY simple solution, put red loctite on riser bolts and tighten the bar down on them. 

10. Don’t use JUST an allen key to tighten bars, it is weak and you can't get enough torque to tighten them down. TJ recommends using an allen socket on an extension with a ratchet. 

11. THE best tip is to tighten rear riser bolts first then front. This will really secure your bars and will avoid any slipping. 


Want more info on how to stop your handlebars from slipping? Watch the full video here!


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