Velocity Stacks for EFI Honda Shadows - VT750

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The velocity stack for the EFI Honda Shadows is finally here!  Each stack comes with a surgical grade stainless steel filtration element to keep...

The velocity stack for the EFI Honda Shadows is finally here!  Each stack comes with a surgical grade stainless steel filtration element to keep out birds, cigarette butts and dude, don't bro me if you don't know me!  Each stack is attached to the throttle body over a stainless steel filtration element with 3 included set screws.

These will fit the following EFI models

VT750 Phantom
VT750 RS
VT750 Spirit only with EFI
VT750 AERO only with EFI 


  • One Single EFI Velocity Stack
  • One Stainless Filtration Screen
  • 3 Stainless #6-32 Set Screws
  • Allen Key for Set Screws

In most cases you can put a stack on your EFI controlled bike and the computer will adjust to the new changes within a ride, making this intake an easy plug n play part.  However to get the most out of your intake upgrade and to really see a step up in performance then you may want to look into an aftermarket EFI controller. Your local shop can help you out. We do not install or sell EFI controllers.

You will need to remove your stock air box to install this velocity stack and either plug your PAIR valves or use a set of our PAIR block off plates to block them off. 

Due to the nature of solid brass, it will oxidize or take on a patina over time, you can either polish them or run a maroon handpad over them to remove oxidation which will leave a brushed finish.  

Customer Reviews

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Daniel B
Nice quality


Allison W.
Easy Install with a Sexy Look

This baby so was so easy to install. I watched the video for reference so I wouldn’t fuck anything up. TJ makes his products with so much attention to detail. It was also packaged well with small set screws and a small allen wrench in case you don’t have one that small. The bike looks sooo much better. I also purchased the PAIR block off plates.


DO IT! If your on the fence, do it. This stack is 100% best quality I've seen in after market honda shadow stuff. Yeah it cost money... buy nice or buy twice. This Stack is worth every penny. Nothing can hold a match to TJ's parts.

Install videos can give you a better idea of the labor involved, but horse power is s labor of love anyways.

Why no sale?!?
Why no sale price ever?!?

Most expensive.. Never on sale.. DUAL carb with 2 velocity stacks are $70. For 2!!!! 1 EFI 750 one always $100. I have 2 other people waiting for a sale that never comes... Got ur bad ass pipes... Need its brother the velocity intake to not make us poor Vet's broke so we can order 3, hopefully figure out what Power Commannder 5 tune your running, and piss off our neighbors!!!! Special disabled Vet special sale week 50% off for some who gave all but want 50% better flow now? (Guilt trip attempt) Besides finishing your rear fender my 2012 VT750RS is ready to turn some heads!!!!

Cannot wait!

Sir, every glorious product I've purchased has far exceeded my expectations!!! So question, I have a PCV on my unicorn (2012 VT750RS) and wondering what tune/map you are running on your VT750? Ive seen the wiring loom from it so know you got it. I also have the ingition one and was wondering if you advanced the timing anywhere etc..? Just want some feedback from the pro so my baby can run its best! And ps when will it be on sale? The rest are around $65+- while the EFI chills at $100×-. Got 2 buddies waiting for the price to drop to get theirs.... Thanks man