Libritor Mark I - Universal Solo Seat - Black Leather Padded - Diamond Stitch

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This diamond stitched fully leather bound, padded motorcycle seat is the perfect solution for your chopper or bobber.  This solo seat has enough...

This diamond stitched fully leather bound, padded motorcycle seat is the perfect solution for your chopper or bobber.  This solo seat has enough padding to be comfortable and is shaped to hold you in the seat for the most brutal launches off the line! This motorcycle seat is sure to keep you comfortable whether bar hopping or earning your iron butt patch!  This motorcycle seat does require some simple fabrication skills for installation, this is not a direct bolt on part. 

If your bike does not already have a motorcycle seat hinge and motorcycle seat spring posts you will need the following parts for this seat to fit.

Some folks will run just the seat hinge and no springs for a more smooth profile, but this does mean your seat will have no suspension. This does not mean every bike in the world will be able to just accept the seat with no springs or spring mounts. Running the seat this way may require some creativity/fabrication and imagination on your part, that's why they call this customizing a bike, not "putting legos together" ;)  If you have a soft tail bike or you have rear suspension, we do not recommend adding springs to your seat, the ride can become quite bouncy and uncomfortable.  

If your bike has the seat spring posts and a hinge already installed, you may be able to bolt the seat right up, however if it does not have the spring posts and hinge, you will need to pick up the above mentioned items set them up yourself or have a friend help who is handy with fabrication. 


Customer Reviews

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Joel McCune
Great seat, remarkable comfort.

This is a high value purchase for sure. Real leather, solid construction, easy enough to mount, and for how small and streamlined it is, very comfortable! Got some new springs to go with it and I am completely satisfied.

Smiley Swimmer
Amazing construction

Again another item I’ve went with cheaper eBay versions which I’ve should have just went with this solo seat in the first place saving me money YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! Love TJs YouTube video which sold me on this!

Ryan Currier
Kick ass seat

I at first cheaped out and ordered a less expensive seat on line, then I rode my bike across the border and down to tacoma to go see nofx, about 5 hours of some of the most painfully numb balls and ass I'd ever experienced, as soon as I got home I ordered this seat, the difference in the quality is super noticeable, and it's got a couple extra inches of overall length compared to most solo seats as well, I'm very happy with it so far, and all the tj products I've purchased, they kinda make up my whole bike, make more ace specific parts, I'll keep buying them.


Love the seat, but the shipping is BS..the shipping rate literally changed from 1 rate to another after I looked at another item..I never added another product, somehow it goes up $4-5 The rates are out of hand..

Jesse James
Awesome seat

This seat is everything it looks like in the picture. I had been wanting this seat for awhile and after receiving it and riding with it, it is now my favorite part of the bike. Looks like a piece of art and has a very planted and comfortable feel. Very happy with this seat👍🏼 (I have this on my Harley even tho this is mostly a Honda brand for those who may be wondering about Harley fitment.)