The Ucor Tank - Universal Coolant Overflow Reservoir

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This UcorTank (Universal Coolant Overflow Reserve Tank) includes a vented cap, O-ring, 2 coolant line fittings, and two clamps to attach to your frame....

This UcorTank (Universal Coolant Overflow Reserve Tankincludes a vented cap, O-ring, 2 coolant line fittings, and two clamps to attach to your frame. Includes everything you need to install and it's a downright pretty alternative to the gross plastic reservoir under your bike!

This universal coolant reservoir tank for motorcycles is handmade from 1.75" OD stainless steel, approx 7.5" long with a 6061A aluminum cap and high quality brass hose fittings is designed to make function totally fashionable. This simple and effective stainless overflow reservoir clamps on to the down tubes of your frame using simple tools to install.

Fits Honda Shadows and MANY other bikes that require coolant overflow tanks! When chopping a bike, most folks don't want an ugly plastic tank hanging out of their bike. This tank allows you to minimize the amount of coolant lines running all over your bike and relocate the coolant overflow reservoir easily. 

Installation will take about 10 minutes, not including bathroom breaks!

When removing your stock reservoir tank, take the overflow line and run it from the thermostat to the top fitting of the reservoir, mount your reservoir on the frame, measure 23.4 times and cut the tubing to fit. Next, cut a section of tubing for your return line approximately 5-6 inches long, cut the bottom end at an angle and the top end straight. Push the return hose onto the inner barbed fitting and fill with coolant and screw the cap on, then push the overflow line onto the top fitting. DONE! 

This will fit most bikes under 1100cc's that require a coolant overflow tank.