The Brass Box

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The brass box, just in time for the holidays. All that glitters is not gold, oh no, its brass baby!  All our brass components are machined from solid brass. No plated parts!  

This box is a curated collection of our most beloved brass parts for your bobber, chopper, or daily stocker, bringing distinction and style to virtually any ride on two wheels. 

Each Brass Box Contains:

  • QTY 1: The Acerus - Single Cable Throttle Assembly For Honda Shadow - Brass
  • QTY 1: Holey Shifter Peg - Brass
  • QTY 1: Holey Brake Peg - Brass
  • QTY 1: Set: Holey Footpegs - Brass 
  • QTY 1: Set: Solid Riser Bushings - Brass
  • QTY 1: Fortis Crucem Carb Shield - Brass