The Acerus With Throttle Lock - Single Cable Throttle Assembly for Honda Shadows

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The Acerus single cable throttle assembly for the Honda Shadows is machined from billet aluminum, or solid brass and made to work...

The Acerus single cable throttle assembly for the Honda Shadows is machined from billet aluminum, or solid brass and made to work seamlessly with the stock Honda Shadow throttle pull cable.  That's right! You do not need to run a push cable! 

The stock throttle assembly is quite bulky and lacks any kind of visual aesthetic. Who are we kidding, it's totally haggard! Many riders wish to clean up their bikes cockpit by removing the stock assembly, relocating their switches, (videos HERE) getting rid of the push cable and going to a single pull cable (videos HERE).

This version of our world famous Acerus throttle assembly has an added throttle lock feature! When riding, simply use your thumb to tighten the thumb screw to hold your throttle in place so you can give your right hand a rest on those long hauls. To release the throttle lock simply use your thumb to turn the wheel back.  The internal Delrin shoe which holds your throttle sleeve in place is strong enough to hold the throttle sleeve at the desired speed, but can be overcome with a bit of pressure, so if you need to roll the throttle forward in an emergency, you can do so. 


  • Machined from 6061A Aluminum or C36000 Brass
  • Fits 1" handlebars 
  • Stainless #8-32 bolts (req. 9/64 allen)
  • Stainless thumb screw
  • Delrin lock saddle
  • Steel E-clip
  • Threaded for Honda throttle pull cables ONLY

The Acerus allows you to maintain a clean, focused and custom look on your bars with no unnecessary fluff, but enough style to show you have superb taste. because you definitely do, you got-dang champion! 

*Fits the following models throttle cables -
Honda Rebel
Honda Shadow VLX600 / VT600
Honda Shadow VT750, ACE, Aero, Spirit, Phantom, RS
Honda Sabre
Honda Magna
Honda VT1100
Honda VTX
*May fit other metric bikes.
* Some models stock throttle sleeves may not fit

Does not fit the TJBC "PLASTIC SUCKS" Throttle Tube.

For a perfect fit we recommend pairing this with our Malleus Machined Gripset!
Do not over tighten clamp bolts. Use red loctite on the bolts. Fits 1" bars, will accommodate most grips for 1 inch bars. When clamping the assembly on your bars, a small gap between upper and lower halves is normal, this ensures that the clamp isn't bottomed out before it can adequately clamp the bars. This allows the clamp to work well on raw material bars or bars that have plating or powder coating. When installing on powder coated bars, it may be necessary to use a mallet to tap the halves of the assembly together so the bolts can grab the threads. Powder coating isn't an exact science and the thickness can vary from brand to brand, there is no way to anticipate this and if we made the clamps ID bigger, it wouldn't fit chromed bars.  
We advise using a bit of lubricant inside the throttle assembly and under the throttle sleeve for smooth twist action and prolonged life of the parts.  

If you purchase this throttle assembly you may want to check out the switches we have available to relocate your starter button and kill switch! You can check em out HERE