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PAIR Block-Off Plates - Honda Shadow VT750 - Phantom AERO Spirit

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These plates allow you to remove your PAIR system, toss them in a mardi-gras festive manner from your bike, and cover the shitty little reed valve left on the top of your heads. That's right I said HEADS! These plates will get you more head than you can dream of! The PAIR or AIS is an govt-imposed pile of tubing, hoses and other tomfoolery-horse-shit that your bike doesn't need to run well, and really clutters up the top of the motor. In addition, it will also throw off dynamometer readings. All that shit can be tossed off a cliff, or stuffed into a turkey and deep fried! 

I made these plates so you can pull the system off the bike and block off the reed valves on top of each cylinder like a got-dang pro and install one of our EFI velocity stacks!

There are two plates to a set.


  • VT750 Phantom 2010 - 2019
  • VT750 AERO 2004 - 2018 
  • VT750 Spirit 2012 - 2014
  • VT750 RS
  • They may fit other models that we are not aware of. 

These will NOT fit the VT600/VLX

For some models of VT750, you will want to pull the reed valve out before installing the block off plate.

Natural Aluminum Block-Off Plates are raw and may show small imperfections and markings that are inherent to the raw metal.  They are raw aluminum, so you can pretty much scratch them by breathing on them.  Not to worry, though!  A little rub with a rag and aluminum polish, like Mother's brand, will clean 'em right up if that is the look you are going for.  Otherwise, choose a set with a finish or just ride 'em RAAWWW!

Disclaimer** This product is intended for race track use only. Blah, blah, blah...