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The BOLT-ON Jockey Shifter and Suicide Clutch Kit for the Honda Shadow VT600, VLX600 is the first of its kind to be...

The BOLT-ON Jockey Shifter and Suicide Clutch Kit for the Honda Shadow VT600, VLX600 is the first of its kind to be produced for the Honda Shadow motorcycle! 


  • Honda Shadow VT600 1988 - 2007


The Jockey Shift and Suicide Clutch Kit for bobbers and choppers is a breeze to install, requiring zero fabrication, you will only need a few wrenches, and some allen/hex keys to get your bike rolling!  Aluminum Shift knob is threaded at 3/8-16".  This is an amazing upgrade for your Honda Shadow!

You can use your stock clutch cable or pick up a 2" shorter clutch cable! The kit will come partially assembled, you will need to use loc-tite and adjust everything before you ride. Tighten the Jockey Shift set screws down tightly!

Each Suicide Clutch Kit will include a replacement forward engine mount bolt and 3 stainless cap head screws to bolt the clutch backing plate to your stator case! Jockey Shifters will include the adapter, arm, hardware and TJ Brutal Customs aluminum shift knob which threads on to the shifter arm.

**Note:  Please use loc-tite on all threads before riding. For case bolts use anti- seize**

**DISCLAIMER: some of the hardware finishes may vary due to availability**

The Suicide Clutch Kit DOES NOT fit the VT750, however the Jockey Shifter arm will.

Check out this VIDEO for a simple step-by-step install!

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Very pleased👍🏻


Works great!


Wicked product, very well made, love it.

Doug Mesecher
It took longer than 30 minutes, but I have it installed and working on my 05 Aero 750!

What a great product, seems high quality and looks bad ass. The shifter went on no problem, I had to get creative on my clutch setup. The main issue with using the kit on the 750 is the tab between the frame and motor which the upper clutch bracket needs to rest on. The issue on the 750 is the frame bracket that goes to the motor that the upper clutch perch will rest on has a bulge running down the middle, probably for strength. The bulge held the clutch bracket to far out from the frame bracket for the ledge across the top of the clutch bracket to be any help in holding the clutch bracket straight. I took a Drexel and ground out enough material (I ca attest to the bracket being solid aluminum) on the back of the clutch bracket thus allowing the clutch bracket upper ridge to properly sit on top of the frame bracket and bolted up nicely. Next I did not have enough room for the turnbuckle? included in the kit. I drilled out the turnbuckle that is already mounted in the former shift lever. After I drilled it out I ground the corners off of a piece of metal strap, drilled it out for my bolts and connected one end through the hole I drilled in former shift lever and the other end I connected to the lever the came with the kit that connects the clutch cable. I hadn’t mentioned this bracket till now but I did do some modifications to it as well. I had to bring both ends of bracket a little and then used 3/4”long spacers on the case bolts to make it fit to the case. To be

great quality and finish

great quality and finish

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